Due to technological advancements, sewing machines can be easily used to create unmatched and beautiful embroidery on the clothes and that too in less time as compared to the obsolete ones. They come with many automatic functions that require very less or no labor at all.

Important things to consider before buying a Sewing Machine

Tension Adjustment

This feature helps to adjust the thread. You can make it tight as per your requirement easily with this feature as the thread needs to be adjusted time-to-time as per the stitching work.

Feed-Dog Adjustment

To make those perfect embroidery and designs, the feed-dog adjustment feature needs to be there. It gives a great finish just like the ones with the traditional mechanism of sewing in order to make the best of the clothes.

Automatic Thread cutter

This allows to automatically cut the thread with the help of the cutter being incorporated in the machine only and not using a manual one.

Pedal for speed control

The pedal (an adjustable presser foot or a regulator with two-three levels to modify the speed) helps to maintain the flow of working easily as one is able to hold the fabric with the same amount of pressure for the whole of the task without altering it.

List of Best Sewing Machines in India

#1. Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches,7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover – CS6000i

Brother feature rich sewing machine is a great buy for the beginners as well as the experienced users. It can be used for hemming, mending, quilting or re-fashioning one’s wardrobe.

This is a computerized sewing machine and has 100 built-in stitches, a handful of decorative stitches and an automatic buttonholer. It comes with an LCD touchscreen and other automatic settings for tension adjustment and winding bobbins. Also, there is a speed controller in the machine with 3 levels in order to adjust the speed as per the requirement of the user.

The machine includes a built-in storage, bobbins, needles, a seam ripper, a quilting table, an eyelet punch, and many other required things. There is a small light bulb also in the machine that can be switched on when more of the light is required while working. It runs on electricity.


  • Computerized Sewing Machine.
  • 60 Built-in stitches.
  • LCD Display.
  • 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes.
  • Automatic Needle Threader.
  • 7 styles of 1 step auto-size buttonholes.
  • Top drop-in bobbin type.
  • A light switch for better visibility.
  • 25-year limited warranty.


  • LCD touchscreen is there.
  • Comes with a lot of stitches.
  • Light switch.


  • Might be heavy for some due to 5.9 kg in weight.
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#2. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Another one that is very easy to use is the Usha Janome Dream Stitch sewing machine. It is a compact and lightweight sewing machine, and hence can be easily carried anywhere without any hassle.

While in work mode, the machine makes very less noise. One can do a variety of things on it such as smocking, zip fixing, rolled hemming, quilting, lace fixing, etc. Also, on the part of top load bobbin, the machine works smoothly. The machine runs on electricity and has a light switch as well.


  • Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with a compact free arm.
  • One dial for pattern selection.
  • 7 built-in stitches including 4-step button holing needle threading.
  • Triple strength stitch.
  • 4 buttonhole styles.
  • 6 built-in stitches.
  • Automatic thread cutter.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Light switch.


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Makes very little noise.
  • Can be easily carried anywhere along.
  • Light weighted.


  • The thread might break in between the working.

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#3. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha is a very popular brand and reliable in terms of sewing machines. Therefore, another one is also from the same brand and it is the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine.

This one makes the stitching experience hassle-free with all its features such as 21 stitch functions, an incorporated needle threader, needle cutter, and a triple length strength stitch, etc. There is also a drop feed for embroidery to help the user to create a fine product. The lighting switch is also there for some extra light while working on the machine.

The machine works on electricity and has a pedal to adjust the speed. This one is considered to be the best in India under the price tag of Rs.10,000.


  • 13 built-in stitches including buttonholing.
  • Incorporated needle threader.
  • Incorporated needle cutter.
  • Triple strength stitch.
  • 21 stitch functions.
  • Dial type stitch selector.
  • Drop feed for embroidery.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Includes a drop feed.
  • Best budget product.


  • Quite a heavy one with 7.09 kg in weight.

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#4. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

This Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine is a great option to buy in order to fulfill the regular needs of the user like the if an individual wants to use it out of a hobby at his home or professionally in his/her shop and factory. It goes with all the requirements of the user.

The machine is quite efficient in its overall working and can sew many types of clothes going from thin to thick clothes like cotton, silk, and nylon. The thread can be easily adjusted in the machine, and thus includes the tension adjustment feature.

The major point to be noted is that the machine is environment-friendly as well, and one can use it with or without electricity. This one is great for travel due to its compact size and lightweight properties.

The machine supports different types of stitches which include straight, zig-zag, blind hems, rick rack, rampart, scallop, etc., hence you get a variety of stitches in a single sewing machine only. Also, there are four stepper feet (all-purpose, buttonhole, button sewing and zipper) in the accessory storage drawer, which is removable in order to have a clean and free arm area. Some other things that come along with the sewing machine are a pack of needles, bobbins, spool pin felts, darning plate, needle plate screwdriver, seam ripper/ lint brush, etc.

It runs on electricity and has a pedal to control the speed of the machine.


  • Six built-in stitches: four basic, one decorative, one buttonhole
  • Simple stitch selection
  • Accessory storage drawer
  • Automatic four-step buttonhole.
  • Basic and decorative stitches.
  • Automatic bobbin winder.
  • A reverse lever for an automatic stitch locking.
  • A 2-year warranty is there on the product.
  • Light button.


  • Light weighted.


  • Bad customer service support.
  • The design of the machine is not very comfortable to hold and use.

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#5. Aspimo Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Multi-Functional Electric Household Sewing Machines for Home

Aspimo Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Multi-Functional Electric Household Sewing Machine’s one very useful feature is that it comes with the lightning function that can illuminate the machine to let the work done even in less light. There is a separate button for it in the machine, which you can switch on when needed. The machine can work on battery as well as on electricity, which offers a great convenience to the user.

There are double threads and two speed controllers, high and low for a convenient sewing experience. It also includes 4 metal bobbins, 1-foot pedal, a needle and needle threader. Also, it is lightweight and portable.


  • Double threads.
  • Two-speed controllers.
  • 4 metal bobbins.
  • 1-foot pedal.
  • A needle.
  • Needle Threader.


  • It has an illuminating lightning feature.
  • It can run on electricity as well as on batteries.


  • No warranty.

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The best one on the list is of the brand Brother. It has been awarded the Women’s Choice Award for the year 2018 due to its features. It has the maximum number of built-in stitches and is totally recommended to buy.